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At Kessler Foundation we’re engaged in rehabilitation research. Our scientists study the impact of neurological and physical disabilities, and search for ways to improve mental and physical function in people affected by these conditions. We also study better ways to help people with disabilities return to their communities and jobs.

We depend on volunteers to conduct our research. If you’re affected by one of the conditions that we study, we encourage you to enroll in a study to help us learn more about your condition, including possible treatments. If you don’t have a disability, you can also help us, since we need healthy control subjects to help us with our research.

Learn more about studies that are currently recruiting:

Healthy Volunteers

Pediatric Volunteers

People affected by Breast Cancer

People affected by Multiple Sclerosis

People affected by Osteoarthritis 

People affected by Spinal Cord Injury

People affected by Traumatic Brain Injury

People interested in Mobility Studies 

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