One Life Changed

Tracy smiling in front of her computer at work

Reclaiming Life and Motherhood after TBI

Seven years ago, Tracy was driving when her car slid on a patch of black ice and crashed into a utility pole—she was 8 ½ months pregnant. Tracy sustained a severe traumatic brain injury and went into a coma. Doctors performed an emergency C-section and, thankfully, her son was born alive and well. Tracy missed his first breath. Twenty-one days later, she woke to face a new reality. She couldn’t remember her name and had to relearn how to walk, sit, talk, and read. Her husband wondered if she would ever be able to care for herself again or be a mother to their children. But thanks to innovative research at Kessler Foundation—made possible through the support of donors—Tracy reclaimed her life and continues to exceed expectations. Read more>

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photo of Jenna LuzzoTo commemorate National Family Caregivers Month, Jenna Luzzo, LMSW, shares advice for caregivers to maintain healthy relationships with others and limit caregiver burden. While she is a therapist and life coach, Jenna also has a unique perspective because she has a physical disability and relies on care from others to maintain an active lifestyle. She explains that the attitudes of caregivers are passed on to dependent, which can either result in a positive or negative self-image—significantly impacting mental health and recovery. Jenna emphasizes the importance of a strong support network, making time for other relationships and alone time, and open communication between the caregiver and the individual receiving care. With the proper system in place, Jenna believes that caregiving can bring families closer than ever.  Read more>

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