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Kessler Foundation discoveries that change lives

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Grant Programs

Kessler Foundation focuses on increasing employment opportunities for people with disabilities through its Signature Employment and Community Employment grantmaking programs which fund local and national programs aimed at increasing the percentage of Americans with disabilities in the workforce.

Our Special Initiative Grants, an invitation only program, are awarded to projects and organizations that operate within the broad spectrum of rehabilitation and physical disabilities primarily in New Jersey.

Looking for Solutions

Rates of unemployment and underemployment are unacceptably high among the millions of people with disabilities in the United States. By working full or part-time, with training and support, many people can find meaningful employment and reap the benefits of greater independence and self-esteem. Having a job enhances social interaction and acceptance in the community, which contribute to a better quality of life.

Although individuals living with disabilities represent the largest minority group seeking employment in today's marketplace, they are often not considered an integral component of corporate diversity programs. Through our strategic focus on employment, Kessler Foundation has invested more than $18 million since 2005 in organizations that work to create job opportunities through development, placement employer education, and social enterprise. This funding has enabled people with disabilities to overcome the obstacles that often face them and meet the workforce needs of American business. Innovative grantmaking has introduced creative solutions to help eliminate some of the barriers that prevent people with disabilities from working.

Grant Listing By Year